Peacock Color Mandala Art

Peacock Colorful Mandala Drawing with Color Pens

Peacock is celebrated as a symbol of love, beauty, romance and life. The peacock is also valued as a protection of psychic itself; many believes that it brings peace and joy to our minds. It symbolizes vision, integrity, freedom, guidance, awakening, spirituality, self-expression and watchfulness. It is also a symbol of compassion.

In Hinduism Peacock is associated with Goddess Lakshmi who is known as the Goddess of Wealth and Purity. Goddess Lakshmi represent kindness, patience and luck. Within the spiritual teachings of Christianity, Peacock represent renewal and immortality.

This majestic and magnificent bird is the epitome of beauty, positivity, balance and leadership. In some ancient tales, Peacock is said to be a close relative of the mythical bird Phoenix that is said to have risen from the ashes. Like the Phoenix, Peacock radiate motivation and faith. In many cultures Peacock is considered a good omen, representing prestige and success. Their eyes tell us that we are constantly under watch and our every action, is taken into account.

 Peacock Mandala Drawing Art Painting Sketch
 Peacock Mandala Art

Peacock mandala art is just like any other mandala art. In Peacock mandala art we draw the outline of this magnificent bird and then fill its body and feathers with beautiful and pleasing designs.

Easy steps for peacock mandala art are as follows:-

1. Sketch it out:-

Draw a beautiful peacock and outline it with black pen as shown. Now start designing the peacock from its head. Make small designs so that it looks good.
Peacock mandala sketch step 1
Peacock Mandala Step 1

2. Body patterns:-

Now make designs in the body. I preferred to make a semicircular design so that it looks beautiful. It matches the rangoli designs we all do while making rangolis for any occasion.
Mandala sketch, with black pen
Peacock Mandala Step 2

3. Complete your Mandala:-

Now cover the left-over space and complete your mandala. Fill in the spaces, joint the doted ends, make your mandala as beautiful as you possibly can. Create a beautiful space of your choice in this mandala and relax yourself to the fullest. Peace out your mind and soul by doing this beautiful peacock mandala.
Sketch art mandala
Mandala Art Step 3

4. Paint it magically 

Now finally paint your mandala with the colors that soothe your eyes.

 Peacock Mandala Drawing
 Peacock Mandala Design

Try it yourself!

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