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Welcome to my site, ArtyArsh!

Here, I channel a different version of myself and paint my calm reflection on a canvas represented by chaos in our world.
Even though I started this website recently, I discovered my passion for arts and craft and also some interesting blog at a young age. Back then, it felt like I was a magician because most kids my age would struggle to color within the lines, whereas I was a natural at painting. Gradually it became something I became very attached to. My curious nature aided my passion because it helped me create art, and shaped it into something new.

Honestly, calling art my passion is an understatement.

Art is more like my best friend. It made me happier during my good days but also helped me cope during my dark days. I was somewhat, depressed a while back….and the thing about depression is that not everyone can conquer it. Fortunately for me, my creative soul and my best friend, art helped me sail my boat out of rough seas. My creativity became my knight in the shining armor, it glowed like the sun when the darkness of depression struck. My art represented my deepest, darkest thoughts and drawing them helped me face my fears. My art formed the words that my mouth couldn't say out loud.

Going through this experience made me realize that sharing my art could encourage others to do the same, and all I want to do is contribute to building a place where everyone feels free to share their creativity and follow their dreams. All I want from this experience is to share my art and help you live a happy and colorful life.

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