Ice-Ice-Cream Mandala Art

Frozen Yogurt Mandala Art

“Don’t let your ice cream melt while you’re counting somebody else’s sprinkles”- Akilah Hughes

The ice creams we enjoy today are said to have been invented in Italy during the 17th century, the invention of this dessert has been a real treat for our taste buds and soul. 

Although many people consider eating ice cream a bad thing from a health point of view, the research studies suggest contrary. Research has shown that ice cream is loaded with vitamins and minerals, gives you energy, helps in immunity boosting, strengthens your bones, helps in stimulating your brain, and makes you feel better

Over the years ice cream has become our companion in sickness, and happiness. Ice cream is often associated with cheerfulness, success in love, and satisfaction in your life in general.

Ice cream is the perfect buffer, because you can do things in a somewhat lighthearted way. Plus, people have an emotional response to ice cream; it's more than just food. So I think when you combine caring, and eating wonderful food, it's a very powerful combination - Jerry Greenfield
Simple and easy to draw colorful Ice cream Mandala Sketch painting
Ice-Cream Mandala Art

This mandala design is for everyone who has a sweet tooth and loves eating ice cream. Hope your life becomes as delicious and flavorful as your favorite ice cream. 

Things required to draw this Mandala Art:-

● Black marker

● Pencil

● A4 size sheet

● Compass

● Water colors 

Steps to follow:- 

● Step 1- with the help of a pencil draw an outline of a bowl or a cup having three scoops of ice cream and a Choco stick.

Ice Cream Mandala art
Step - 1

● Step 2- Now within the bowl start drawing consecutive semi circles, increasing their radius with every stroke. Now inside the first semi-circle draw a semicolon, now darken the entire first semi-circle except the semicolon part.

Mandala art
Step - 2

● Step 3- Now take the boundary of the first semi-circle as a base, and start drawing a layer of small petals as a design over it. Once you are done with this, start drawing a layer of large petals, inside each large petal draw “stamen” as a design.

Doodle mandala art
Step - 3

● Step 4- Inside the next semicircle draw another layer of large petals, and fill these petals with half-flower design that is; three petals together. 

mandala crazy drawing
Step - 5

● Step 5- In the next semicircle draw a layer of large pointed petals as a design, having long petals inside them, along with a small tomb-like structure below these long petals. 

● Step 6- In the next semicircle again draw a layer of large pointed petals, and this time inside every petal draw a flower with long petals. Alternate these large pointed petals with stamens.

Best mandala art
Step - 6

● Step 7- In the next semicircle draw multiple layers of small designer semicircles. In the left-over space draw a crisscross pattern and at every intersection of the pattern draw a small tree. Once you are done with every design use a black marker to darken them.

doodle mandala art drawing
Step - 7

● Step 8- Now use different colors to show the toppings on your ice cream scoops, with this your mandala is complete.

Try it yourself!
Colorful Ice Cream Mandala Art
Ice Cream Mandala Drawing

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