Crisscross Mandala Art

Colored Crisscross Mandala Drawing

“Life is a crisscross of colorful threads.”- Dr. Imran Khan

Criss-cross is a pattern of intersecting straight lines or paths, apart from representing various different paths a crisscrossed pattern also portrays a reflection of a confused human mind.

Crisscross Mandala art with different type of color shades
Crisscross Mandala Drawing

As human beings we are forced to make decisions every day, for some of us making decisions is an easy task, but for most of us this decision-making process is stressful and very confusing.

This mandala art shows that even a decision made with a confused mind can be beautiful in its own way, you just need to have an eye to see its real beauty.

Things required for this mandala art-: 

● Black pen or marker

● Oil pastels

● Pencil

● Scale

● A4 size sheet

Steps to make this mandala art-:

● Step 1- With the help of a pencil start drawing multiple diagonal lines from one corner of your sheet, each line 1 inch apart from the other.

Crisscross mandala drawing lines
Step 1

● Step 2- Now start drawing multiple vertical lines over these diagonal lines, at the end of it you’ll see small squares or boxes forming, this is what the crisscross pattern is.

mandala art cross boxes
Step 2

● Step 3- Now start filling every alternate square with mandala designs such as swirl hearts, designer lines, designer semi circles, chessboard pattern, and petals. Once you are done filling the squares with designs, with the help of a black marker outlined these designs and the crisscross pattern.

crisscross mandala design
Step 3

● Step 4- Once you are done designing every alternate square, take out your oil pastels and start coloring the remaining empty squares with different types of colors.

colorful crisscross mandala art drawing
Final step

Try it out yourself!

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