Flower Petal Mandala Art

Petaled Mandala Design

Flower Petal Mandala Art Drawing Design Sketch Painting
Flower Petal Mandala Art Painting
“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.”– Buddha
Flowers are probably the only part of nature that can express different feelings, such as – they can be used as an expression of love, they can be used to console someone in sorrow, they can be used as a congratulatory gifts and they can also be used to celebrate friendships.

Different flowers symbolize different things, for example – Iris flower symbolizes hope, Peonies symbolizes good health, Daffodil symbolizes new beginnings and Lotus symbolizes rebirth and purity.

Not only flowers can be used as a gift, they can also act as an offering to God. In Hinduism and Buddhism flowers represent generosity and show the beauty of enlightenment. Flowers and offerings have gone hand in hand since ancient times. Flowers are considered ‘Holy’ as they bring the scent of joy along with them.

Flower also represent life, it shows that when a flowering bud is nurtured with adequate amount of sunlight, water, food and love, a beautiful flower is born. It shows that perseverance and hard work can change your life completely. Once you start learning to withstand harsh conditions then no one can stop you from blossoming. They teach you that if you just make it through winter season then spring season will follow. You need to be patient enough, it is not going to be easy, but once a wise man said “Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy”.

Flowers are not only important in religious ceremony but they are also an integral part of the process of pollination. This simple, colorful and beautiful wonder of nature has many diverse roles in science and in spirituality.

This mandala art is the one which represents regeneration and hope.

This art can be used to make cover pages and front pages of your books and notebooks. It can also be used as a wall hanging. 

Things required for this Mandala Art:-

1. Black marker

2. A4 size sheet paper (or any paper of your choice)

3. Compass

How to make this Mandala Art:-

1)To make this mandala art, start drawing circles from a corner of your sheet.

2)We will now start making different types of flower petal designs inside every circle.

3) Now from the inner most circle start sketching out a flower, along the rim of the circle draw long petals along with tomb shaped petals.

4) Now add small humps and long petals to the above design. You can also use heart shaped petals instead of using long petals.

5) You can draw lotus petals, sunflower petals, heart- swirl petals or any other type of flowers in this mandala to make it look more beautiful. Fill every circle with the petal design of your own choice.

6) You can also paint this mandala to make it colorful and attractive. 

Flower Petal Mandala Art Painting Design Drawing Pens
Flower Petal Mandala Art Painting 2

Try it out yourself now!
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