Circled Rangoli Mandala Art

Easiest Circular Mandala Drawing For Beginner

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Rangoli is one of the most beautiful and pleasing art forms in India. In this art form patterns are drawn on the floor with powdered colors, colored rice and flower petals. It is usually made during Diwali, Onam, Pongal and many other festivals celebrated in the Indian subcontinent. They are believed to have spiritual perspective and benefits; they are also believed to bring good luck.

A mandala is quite similar to a rangoli, just like rangoli a mandala art is a combination of intriguing designs put together on a surface. Both of these things have been an important part of Indian culture since beginning of time. They both require a lot of patience and concentration. In order to amplify their beauty, we add colors to them, a mandala art and a rangoli are often said to be a kaleidoscope pattern due to their complexity and color vibrancy.

Circled Rangoli Mandala Art Drawing Painting Sketch Pen
Circled Rangoli Mandala Art

This mandala art is a portrayal of the two most important art forms used in India, here we have used a rangoli design and transformed it into a beautiful mandala piece.

Following are the steps which will help you form this lovely Mandala Art:-

Step 1: Make circles

Make 6 to 7 concentric circles at some intervals. Now use a protractor and at 10⁰ interval and draw straight lines connecting all the concentric circles. These 10 degree line should be light so that it we cannot see it ones the mandala is done. Make these gaps even.

Mandala draw circle
Mandala Step 1

Now make a small flower in the center and outline it with two lines.

Step 2: Make long petals

Now above the circle make long petals and outline it with a dark line. Two petals should be in the 10 degree gap lines. Darken them a little bit so that it looks nice and neat.

Step 3: Make bar like pattern

Now make bar like patterns and make two lines of ring above it. Darken the lines and do it till you find self-satisfaction in the strokes. Make the lines dark and evenly thick on the whole circle. If the lines are not even everywhere, they may look bad so make sure that lines are even everywhere.

Mandala Step 2
Mandala Step 3

Step 4: Make a ring above these pattern

Make a ring above this pattern and darken it evenly. Make sure it is evenly darkened.
Mandala Art Design, Painting, Sketch
Mandala Step 4

Step 5: Tomb like structure

Now make a tomb like pattern in each 10 degree gap lines and above it draw another same pattern. Now draw zigzag design above it and make some star like structures in the gaps. If you don’t want to to add stars you may draw any other pattern as well.
Make sure that each pattern is in the 10-degree gap so that they look neat and evenly placed.

Step 6: Flower petals

Now make a loop and darken it. In this loop we will make a flower petal like shape and inside it makes three petals.
You need to darken these outlines so that the design looks beautiful. If you don’t like the three petals shape you can add any design of your choice. Now on the boundary draw small semi circles so that the design looks beautiful and pleasing. Darken the outline and if you want them a bit thinner you can do so. These strokes should relax your mind and soul. So draw them as you like.

Mandala design, Sketch
Mandala Step 6

Step 7: Tomb like pattern

Make a ring above the patterns drawn and then make tomb like structures as shown below and on the above portion draw small lines at equal intervals and three small lines as shown. Inside the tomb like structure draw semicircle you may color them or draw patterns as I have done it. Make sure that all tomb like structures are inside the 10-degree gap only so that they look evenly placed. Darken the lines and make sure that these lines are not bold somewhere and lighten on the other places.

Step 8: Make dome shape structure

Make dome like structure above the drawn design.

Mandala Sketch
Mandala Step 8

Step 9: Finishing the mandala

Now the mandala is complete draw the left-over patterns as shown below. You may also add you design in these. Whatever design comes in your mind draw that. Darken, edit your mandala the way you want now till you feel satisfied and know that it is done. Now erase all the pencil marks so that the mandala looks neat.

Mandala art Sketch
Mandala Final Image

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