Circled Mandala Art on Colored Sheet

Mandala Sketch on Yellow background:-

Mandala is not only an important Asian Art form but it also remains one of the most important symbols in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. A mandala, which is Sanskrit for "circle” or "discoed object” is found in almost all cultures throughout the world as a way to represent the circular nature of life and existence.

In Hinduism, the mandala is traditionally used as a way to meditate and connect to divine power through focused contemplation. Mandala can be understood in two different ways- Externally, it represents the entire universe and Internally, it shows various activities that are taking place within that circle. It represents different layers of universe like- the lived environment, the spiritual realm and the inner experience of man and how these layers can flow into and out of next.

 New Mandala Design with colored Sheet
Mandala Art with colored Sheet

Every element drawn inside the circle hides an important meaning behind it, like:-
  1. Wheel with eight spokes depicts the practices of liberation and rebirth.
  2. Bell represent the emptying your mind and make room for wisdom and clarity.
  3. The central dot symbolizes the infinite nature of universe.
  4. The Lotus flower symbolizes human reaching for spiritual awakening and enlightenment after facing various hardships of life.
  5. The triangle when faced upwards represents action and energy and when faced downwards represents creativity and pursuit of knowledge.
Mandala is not only a means of spiritual healing but it has also been found to promote psychological healing. Many believe that drawing a mandala have a calming and healing effect on its creator. Drawing a mandala generate self-awareness and self-expression.

It decreases anxiety and stress and have known to show very positive effects on individuals going through PTSD (Post traumatic Stress Disorder). Mandala has also been found in dream catchers as a means to protect individual sleeping. In yoga, mandalas signify a sacred space to shut away all external influences.

This mandala art is a combination of designs which represent liberation, wisdom, renaissance, divine and creativity. 

This mandala art can be used as a wall hanging, post cards and greeting cards. You can also modify it in such a way that it can also be used as a cover page for your project.

Following are the steps to make this Mandala Art:-

Step 1:- Take an A4 size colored sheet and with the help of a compass start drawing circles and semicircles. Make sure that you align these in such a way that they touch each other.

Step 2:- Now inside the circle at the far right corner of the sheet, start drawing a Lotus flower in the center and then add few long petals around it.

Step 3:- Now inside the circle at the far left corner of the sheet, start drawing a design which resembles a star and start adding layers to this star.

Step 4:- Now inside the remaining semi-circles and circles, start drawing various mandala designs. You can either use a combination of designer lines and petals or a combination of spiral and humps inside them.

Once you are done drawing inside every circle and semi-circle, take a black marker and start darkening them .

(You can use the picture shown as a reference)

Try it Yourself!

Circle Mandala Sketch, Mandala Art,
Circled Colord Mandala Drawing

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