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5th June 2020

The Earth
World of Humans ,
123 Milky Way Galaxy

Dear Readers,

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? I am doing fine, it’s been almost ten days since I left earth and entered the City of Angels. When I was down there I always used to think that heaven and hell didn't exist but when I came up here my views completely changed. When I was  on earth I never realized I was living on a derivative of hell, I literally had to die to figure this thing out.

First of all let me just send a short message to my family, poor souls have been a real mess ever since I left, so here it goes - I am sorry I left without warning. I am sorry for making all of you cry, that was never really my intention. Please don’t hate me though, I tried my best to live. You  have no idea how much strength it took for me to stay alive on that hospital bed with so much pain just so you can say your goodbyes. During my 2 day visit in that hospital I regretted every decision that I ever made in my life including the last one. I know I should have fought harder and I know I should have talked more. But you’ll have to believe me when I say that I fought as hard as I could and I spoke as loud as I could, sadly I wasn’t loud enough, they did hear me but I just wish they would have listened to me. Anyway, all of this doesn’t matter now probably because I am dead. I am not here to make any one feel guilty, Let bygones be bygones. I am fine and at peace FAMILY, please try not to worry about me.

Now let’s move forward , three days ago I went to a thing called “ All Suiciders Meet” I know it sounds sad guys, I thought so too but surprisingly it wasn’t sad. Yes, everyone did tell how they killed themselves and why they did it but here’s why it wasn’t sad - Even though these people came from different parts of the world, their reasons to kill themselves were more or less the same. I mean majority of them died because they were either suffering from depression or financial crisis but there wasn’t any hierarchy, there wasn’t any  division of class or race or religion. Everyone sat together, shared their pain and their happiness which was just beautiful to see. It was something I never got to witness during my time on earth.

When I was on earth, I was surrounded by a lot of negative and fake people. These people said that they were my friends and wanted my happiness but that was not true. I was constantly nagged for being unemployed, they made me believe that my existence is a shame if I didn't earn a decent amount of money. For years I tried to stay as positive as I could but the bitching, the gossiping, the nagging never stopped. The worst part was all of these were coming from the people I truly loved. It really breaks your heart when some one you really love starts bitching about you.

We all know that  we should never judge someone but every one of us still does it. We judge someone for failing in a class, we judge someone for drinking alcohol, forget this we even judge someone on the basis of what ice cream flavor they chose. In our hearts we all have our own justice system which isn’t a bad thing at all, you should know what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad but you should know these things for yourself. Your justice system should give a judgement on your character not someone else’s character. Your character should go up without putting anyone else’s down, but unfortunately for us this never happens. 

I saw a lot of people crying over my dead body, a lot of people talking about me and saying all these good things about me, weirdly enough they never told me any of these things. When I was in tenth standard, I read a book called - The Diary Of Anne Frank, in that she wrote “Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude,” now I know what she was talking about.

Earth is the only place where people starts valuing things once they have lost it, then they mourn for those things for say about a week and then they get  back to their true selves.
Let me end this letter with a lesson for you, People on the Earth : Start learning from your mistakes, start making room for people to make mistake, start listening to your family instead of listening to a whole sea of people, start normalizing things like divorce, LGBTQ love, mental health, gender equality and humanity and Stop normalizing things like rape culture, hate crime and acid attack.

Do it before any one of these becomes a reason for your heavenly abode. 

Yours Sincerely,

A man who jumped from the 14th floor of his  building because dying seemed a better option than  living.

Heaven To Earth, A letter from the dead, Love
Heaven To Earth

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