Societal Pressure and Mind

Mental Pressure and Lock-down

During the lock-down period many of us have felt the feeling of being “useless”, this label has been stuck to those people who unlike others haven’t acquired a skill during this time. This is just one of the many examples of what societal pressure is. If a certain number of people are doing something then we are all suppose to do those things otherwise your existence is a shame, this is the scenario in most of the households across India.

Societal pressure and Mind, Mental Pressure and Lockdown
Societal Pressure and Mind

People are learning to cook or they are learning to draw or they are learning a new language, basically they are trying to do every thing that they can handle in order to keep themselves productive or active and, kudos to all those who have tried but you started doing these things because they brought you some peace, didn’t it? Many who tried cooking did it because they found it therapeutic and calming and when they first tried, they loved doing it, many of you who started learning a new language did it because you had a keen interest in that language. NEWSFLASH GUYS: not everyone likes  the idea of cooking and not each of us find learning a language fascinating, some of us just want to do things that we have interest in, like sitting in a corner and reading a book  but when we did that we were called “lazy asses’’ and frankly speaking I don’t even know why, I mean when you did something you loved doing we were supportive of you but when we tried to do something we loved, you started judging us. Many of you did it unintentionally but most of you knew what you were doing. You made us feel bad and guilty for doing something we love, only because we were trying to do something which was different from what you did. 

It took you three lock-down to finally stop judging us for not learning a new skill or a thing. Many of you have started doing online internships to keep yourself busy and it’s a very  good  thing that you want to figure out what you want at this age but those of you who didn’t try for an internship there is no need for you to panic , you are still in your twenties  and you are allowed to  be confuse about your career path . Approximately 85 % people in their twenties don’t know what they want to do in life and it is okay. It is okay for you to take your own time and figure out things, you don’t have to achieve everything by the time you are 24 or 25, somewhere back of our mind we all think that 25 is the age by which we have to have a job otherwise we won’t get married but, guess what many people who got their jobs at the age of 25 are  unmarried and many who got a job at the age of 30 are married. Life works in mysterious ways, just because something happened in the other person’s life doesn’t mean the same is going to happen for you. 

I read somewhere that a woman was rejected from 150+ internships and in the end she got a job at NASA, now you would think 'Okay' so I am going to do the same and maybe I‘ll end up getting my dream job, I am really sorry to tell you this that there is a good chance that this might not happen to you. First of all, you really think that it was easy for her to get a job at NASA, facing 150+ rejections aren’t a small thing, many of us can’t even handle 3 rejections in fact after the third one we start questioning our existence and worth. Second of all who told you that after say about 175 rejections you will end up getting a job of your dream, the chances of that happening are very slim. The lesson in this story isn’t that you need to apply for every internship your feet stumble upon, it is to take your own time to get the job you want. And even bigger lesson here is to stop comparing your life with others, if she would have started comparing her life with the life of her friends she would have been destroyed.  Let the stories of people like these inspire you but do not let them consume you. We have got to stop thinking that if I follow her footsteps and do exactly the same thing, she did I will also get what she got.

That is not how life work, we need to stop comparing our life with others for our own good. We need to be okay with what we have and what we are and we should also allow others to be okay with who they are and what they have.  If you want to change something about you then do it for yourself not because you felt pressurized into doing it.

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