How to Draw a Mandala Art Design

All Shaped Mandala Desgins with Names

Mandalas are combinations of patterns that merge to form a new and beautiful pattern. Mandalas are best way to mediate for minds that are creative. Mandala arts are not too difficult to make it only takes patience and the artist inside you. Not everyone was born as artist some become one by hard work As Ralph Waldo Emerson once correctly said; “Every artist was first an amateur”.

How to create Mandala Art, Mandala Step by Step Design
Mandala Basic Elements

Things needed for Mandala Art:-

1. Black pen or marker

2. A4 White sheet of paper (or any colored paper )

3. Compass

4. Protractor

5. Scale

6. Pencil

7. Eraser

If you don’t have A4 size paper any copies paper would do.

Mandala Art Stationary, pen, pencil
Stationary used in Mandala Art

Basics of Mandala Art:-

To draw mandala art there are some basic designs which can be used I will explain few of them.


Most commonly and easy to use design that goes well in all types of mandala art. Just take your marker and hold it tight in one place and your perfect dot is ready. That is my trick to make a perfect small dot. You should try it once.


Almost all mandalas are incomplete without lines. The basic lines is heart of mandala. Drawing a perfect line without scale is not easy so it’s better you draw it with a pencil and then use marker over it.


Spirals are tricky designs that mostly don’t come out evenly so again try it with pencil first before your draw it with a marker. These look great when done perfectly and neatly.

Geometric pic:-

You can use any geometric shape like circles, triangles, square, rhombus, etc. for your mandala art. You can mix match these and it looks really amazing in all mandala designs.


Now again mandala is incomplete without bumps also. Create any bump be it circular, elliptical but it should be of same width almost so that neither of them looks odd and bad.

Tomb Petals:-

Tomb petal is a design of petal given a tomb shape. A trick to make this perfectly is make a line in between and then draw a petal.

Leaves and Veins:-

A vein along with leaves looks amazing in most designs. Any leaf shape can be used to make this design. And similarly, veins can be of any design be it spiral or ring shaped.

Heart and Swirl Heart:-

A basic heart that most people know how to draw can also be used in mandala art.


Any shaped petals be it heart shaped, elliptical, circular can be used inside mandala art. Petals can be shorter or longer according to your requirement inside the mandala art.

Amazing Designs to Draw inside Mandala Art:-
Amazing designs to draw inside mandala art
Mandala Design

There are some amazing, simple designs that can be used to draw a mandala art.

Some of them are explained below:-


If you want to make a basic flower put a dot in the middle and then make straight lines and then at the end draw a dot. This is the simplest flower you can make and it looks beautiful.

Mandala Art All Design, Sketch
Mandala Designs


There are many types of spirals smaller or bigger. You can make some dots or leafed around it also.


Trails are extended spirals. These can be used by mixing designs.


Water droplets are the easiest to draw. It looks really attractive and beautiful also.

Basics Mandala Shapes:-

Here I have shown some basics of mandala art. Practice them in a rough paper before you start doing your mandala art. Make sure that when you are a beginner you draw it with pencil then use marker over it and then erase the pencil mark with an eraser.

Mandala Basic Shape and Design, Lines
Mandala Basic Design

Mixing up Designs:-

The basic mandala designs can be mixed together to make a new design also.

Like you can combine triangles with circles and dots. Lines with circles. Circles with petals.

Many designs can be created by the mixing up the mandala deigns.

Mandala Mixing Up Design, Art
Mandala Mixing Up Design

Not everything comes easy same is the case while making mandalas. You will find it difficult once you start maybe but after some time you will start enjoying it. It is the best way to mediate and make your mind work more peaceful.

Mandalas are more or less combination of designs and they give a life lesson too. The life lesson it gives us is that you may belong to any religion, you may be or any caste, color or creed but once you come together world becomes a beautiful place to live in.

Try mandala yourself and spread love.

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