Crescent Moon and Stars Mandala Art

This is a mixture of Crescent Moon and Stars Design inside which there are some basic Circular Designs and Flowers

"The moon will guide you through the night with her brightness, but she will always dwell in the darkness, in order to be seen." - Shannon L. Alder
The “crescent” represents progress and the “five-pointed star” represents light and knowledge. It is widely used to symbolize Islam. In Islam, the moon is the appointed sign of times, seasons, fast and feast, and governs the Islamic calendar. The five points of the star can represent the five pillars of Islam, the essential elements of the Muslim faith.

The star-crescent also symbolizes power, capability, competence, strength and potential. In some culture the star-crescent also represent the combination of man joining a woman. The star represents the female principle and celebrates the cosmic power of the love Goddess Venus and the crescent moon represent early man’s worship of skies and is said to honour the male Moon God of Sin of ancient Sumeria.

Mandala Drawing Crescent Moon and Stars
Crescent Moon and Stars Mandala Drawing

This mandala design represents progress and enlightenment. It also symbolizes wisdom, understanding, illumination, awareness, advancement, breakthrough and development.

Crescent moon and stars mandala art design is a very effortless and a delicate pattern.

This mandala art can be used as cover page of your project or your notebook and it can also be used as a greeting card design.

Things needed to make this Mandala Art:-

1. Black pen or marker

2. Compass

3. A4 size paper (you may use any paper)

4. Pencil

5. Scale

No protractor and other things are required to make the perfect moon shape. It just requires your compass.

Step by step procedure:-

Step 1:- Draw a circle

Draw a circle of any radius (I have taken a circle of radius 6 cm).

Step 2:- Draw a radius line

Draw the radius line in any part of the circle with the pencil.

Step 3:- Drawing another circle

Now put the compass on the half of the radius line you have drawn.

Moon Mandala Design  through Campus

Step 4:- Draw the moon
Now rotate your compass with its center on the radius line and make a perfect crescent moon shape. In the end erase the left-over circle lines and other pencil marks. Make sure that the crescent shape comes out beautifully as it is an important element of this mandala art.

Mandala art step
Mandala Step

Step 5:- Complete your mandala
Now darken the outlines of the moon with a black marker and inside it start drawing designs of your choice. I have used following designs for my mandala:

· circle designs

· Flower designs

· Designer lines and

· Petal designs

You can also use humps and long petals designs inside the moon .

Once you are done filling the moon , start drawing hanging chains on it’s outer side . At the end of each chain add a star.

Try it yourself now!

Crescent Moon and Stars Mandala Drawing Sketch Art
Crescent Moon Mandala Art

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