Four Sided Shaped Mandala Art

Square Shaped Flower Mandala Design

The four sides of a Quadrilateral represent honesty, experience, stability and reason. Quadrilaterals such as rectangles and squares are often seen as a symbol of stability, balance, direction and integrity. Literally and metaphorically rectangular shapes are strong foundational building blocks that support overall structure.

Square shapes represent balance and stability. They give a feeling of trust, order, uniformity and peace. The four sides of square can represent millions of things, for example - they can represent the four directions, they can represent the four seasons, they can represent the four main cosmic elements (sun, moon, stars and planets), it can symbolize the four main elements i.e. air, water, earth and fire.

The quadrilateral shapes also signify familiarity and security. It also generates a feeling of faith and trust.

Rhombus Shaped Mandala Art

Four-sided shaped mandala art doesn’t necessarily require perfectly measured squares or rectangles, you can draw these with free hand also. Once you are done with the boundary, start drawing designs that you feel comfortable with. You can either keep it simple or fill it with colors of your choice, at the end you’ll feel very composed.

Every mandala art doesn’t necessarily have to be a circle, it can also be a square or a rhombus. The most amazing part about this style is that it can accommodate almost any pattern or design, usually flowers are used as a design in these types of mandala art.

How to make this Square Mandala:-

I started making these types of mandala art by using a coin. So, take the coin, place it at the center of your sheet and with its help draw a circle, then draw two small layers of circular petals and one layer of leaf shaped petals around it. Then take the coin again and with its help make quadrants alternating with the leaf shaped petals. Again, add few layers of petals. Since I was very clear from the beginning, I wanted a rhombus shape so I arranged everything in such way that the end result would resemble a rhombus. This is another way of using basic mandala art designs in a creative way.

Create your own Design:-

Use your creativity and try to make different types of this mandala art with unique designs and colors.

Try it out and let me know!

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