”Maa” (Mother) Mandala Design Art

"Maa" Word Mandala Drawing

Maa Hindi word Mandala drawing
”Maa” Mandala Design Art

“When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” - Charley Benetto

There is a very famous quote saying,’’ God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers,’’ and I don’t think any one of us have ever read anything more relatable than this.

A mother is probably the only person on this planet who works selflessly for their families, the only person who has the ability to sense your troubles and worries, the only one who will walk through a fire for you without asking any questions. Our parents are our first teachers, while your father teaches you to be strong and be a person who can work on his or her shortcomings, your mother teaches you to have confidence. She teaches you to be sensitive and empathetic. She teaches you to respect everyone irrespective of their age and gender, to stand up for yourself, to do what your heart desires without giving a thought about what the society thinks, she teaches you to have the strength to be YOU and not what others expect you to be. She teaches you to love yourself first and do not let anyone make you feel that you are worthless.

If your family is a living cell, then your mother is definitely the MITOCHONDRIA of that cell. She is the powerhouse of your family.

Mothers come in all different forms but what they have in common is the impact they have had on someone’s life. Anyone who fills the role of “mothers” is one of the most influential presence in our lives , any one who guides you , anyone who stands by you , anyone who supports you and anyone who keeps you emotionally stable can be labelled as ‘Mother’ , regardless of your relationship with that person.

This mandala art is dedicated to the Mitochondria of my family - My Mom. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me, thank you for being my pillar of strength  and thank you for being my knight in the shining armor.

Things required for this Mandala Art: -

1. Black pen

2. A4 size white paper (or sketch book or any paper)

3. pencil

How to make this Mandala Art: -

Step 1: - Draw outline

Draw “माँ”, this is the Hindi translation of the word mother. Once you are done writing it with the pencil, darken it with a black marker.

Mother word Mandala painting art
Maa word Mandala Step 1

Step 2: - Circle shape

Now in the circle part of the word start drawing flowers which have small round petals, once you are done drawing it with pencil use a black marker to darken it. 

Mother word Mandala
Mandala Art Step 2

Step 3: - Crescent shape

Now in the crescent part below the circle start adding designer lines which are at a minimal distance from each other, draw these lines across the crescent. 

Starting for Mandala Art
Mandala Art Step 3

Step 4: - Long Thin rectangle

Now below the crescent shape, you’ll see a long thin rectangle covering the Hindi alphabet and the mattra part of the word. Fill this long thin rectangle with some unique designs of your choice.

Design for Mandala Art
Mandala Art 5

Step 5: - Mattra

Now inside the mattra (long line beside the Hindi alphabet) start drawing some circles along with few zig zags lines

Mandala Design
Mandala Art 5

Step 6: - Hindi Alphabet

Now start filling the Hindi alphabet with some basic mandala designs. I have used a variety of designs for this part of the mandala. Darken these designs with the help of a marker. 

Art Mandala Design
Mandala Art 6

Try it out yourself now!
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