Nature in Lockdown

The Revival of Nature

Rejuvenation of Nature, the Revival of Nature, Nature in Lockdown
Rejuvenation of Nature

The year 2020 has been a really tough year for each and every one of us. This has been a year of pain, sorrow and anxiety but even in this year, there have been few moments of happiness. Nature has managed to heal itself after being subjected to centuries of torture done by mankind.

For the first time in ages people were locked up in their houses and animals took to street to celebrate the caging of humans. In Delhi-NCR region a group of monkeys and a Nilgai was spotted, the pollution level of the city dipped by 79% in the lockdown, dolphins were spotted in the waters of Marine drive and Malabar hills. There was a significant improvement in the quality of water flowing through the Ganga river (something the government failed to achieved even after investing millions of money), the lock-down also reduced the human disturbance on the activities of birds and insects. Many houses were blessed with the appearance of the majestic Peacock bird, in the morning many woke up to the song hummed by melodious Cuckoo bird. The air was refreshing, the water was clear and the land was green.

This beautiful phenomenon of nature reclaiming its share on earth was witnessed throughout the world.

Australian researchers captured a stunning shot of approximately 64,000 green turtles migrating near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for nesting season. This shot captured by the drone is one of the most spectacular photos that has ever went viral over the internet.

An aquarium in Chicago had let its Penguins wander around freely in the zoo which was closed down due to Coronavirus pandemic, and the video of them roaming and playing in the zoo have won millions of hearts on the internet. After spending most of their life in captivity they finally had the chance to taste freedom.

Wild boars have descended from the hills around the Barcelona while sika deer were seen wandering in metro stations of Nara, Japan.

In Kerala, naturalists have found over 1300 species of insects, birds, amphibian, reptiles, mammals, fungi, protists and plants. The lockdown not only kept the tourists away from Taj Mahal this summer but also protected it from the invasion of insects that used to damage it. Lockdown also saved other monuments as well.

Apart from giving us good news from the earth, this lockdown also surprised us with an amazing news from outer space as well - Scientists has discovered that the Earth’s Ozone layer is healing and has the potential to fully recover. After years of hard work finally the gaseous protective cover of Earth is in good condition.

This may not have been our year but this has definitely been Nature’s year. The fact that our nature thrived when we were locked up in our house is a clear sign that we need to make some serious changes in our lifestyle. Nature shouldn’t have to reclaim its part on earth, it should not have to take back what is rightfully hers, in fact if anything we should be kind enough to understand that not only she deserves to be here but she is literally the backbone of every living being present on the earth. We should make earth a place where breathing air gives you oxygen, and not respiratory problems. A planet where water gives you a relief in the scorching heat of sun, and not cholera or typhoid.  A place where you see the greenery of trees, and not the black smoke coming out of chimneys.

Let’s take a minute to introspect our actions and look back at all the things we did wrong. Let’s learn from our mistake and start making corrections, if not for our own good then at least for the generations to come.

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