Crescent Buddha Mandala Drawing

Half Moon Mandala Art

“When you come upon a path that brings benefit and happiness to all, follow this course as the moon journeys through the stars.”- Gautama Buddha

In Buddhism, the moon is the symbol of light and enlightenment. According to an analogy, our true nature is hidden the way a cloud covered moon is hidden. When cloud disappears, everything is illuminated. Gautama Buddha always said,” three things that can never be hidden are - The sun, The moon and the truth. Buddhist all over the world have a very high regard for moon, especially full moon.

The waxing crescent moon depicts personal growth, progress and decision making while the waning crescent moon symbolizes letting go, release and retreat . It teaches us to introspect our actions, to learn from our past mistakes and move forward.

In many religions half moon, full moon, waning and waxing moon are a symbol of fertility, clarity, completion, potential, rebirth. It also pinpoints the changing of seasons.

Mandala painting of Half moon with buddha.
Crescent Buddha Mandala Design
This mandala art is a representation of Buddha’s belief in the moon. Gautama Buddha always believed that when you are surrounded by darkness from all the sides, you can still glow and illuminate the world around you.

Things needed to make this Mandala Art: -

1. Black pen or marker
2. Compass
3. A4 size paper (you may use any paper)
4. Pencil
5. Scale 

Step by step procedure: -

Step 1: - Draw a circle

Take an A4 size sheet , you can either use a colored sheet or a plain white sheet. Then draw a circle of any radius (I have drawn a circle of radius 6 cm) on it.

Step 2: - Draw a radius line

Draw the radius line in any part of the circle with the pencil.

Step 3: - Drawing another circle

Now put the compass on the mid-point of the radius line you have drawn, in order to make a semi-circle.

Step 4: - Draw the moon 

Once you are done placing your compass on the mid-point of the radius, start rotating it to make a perfect crescent moon shape. Make sure that the crescent shape comes out beautifully as it is a vital part of this mandala art. At the end erase rest of the pencil marks.

Step 5: - Complete your mandala

Now darken the outlines of the moon and fill it with designs of your choice.

Here is a list of designs that I have used:

· Flower design

· Long shaped petal and

· Tomb shaped petal

You can also add small triangles or circles to these designs and then fill these figures with some basic mandala design.

Step 6: - Buddha

Once you are done filling the inside of the crescent moon, on the outer side curve draw few straight lines such that they form a platform, and then sketch out a Buddha sitting on that platform with the help of a pencil. At the end you’ll come across a Buddha meditating on a platform. 

Now with the help of a marker start darkening the outline of the Buddha, you can also fill the inside of Buddha with colors.

Try it yourself!

Crescent Buddha Mandala Art
Half moon Mandala drawing

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