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Healthy eating

Each and every one of us knows that we should consume foods that are good for our health, we should walk a mile a day to keep our body fit, we should cut back on carbohydrates and fats and we should consume more home cooked meals rather than going out to eat, but while we all “KNOW” what we are supposed to do only few of us manage to actually implement these habits in real life.

Most of us live a fast - paced life so we had to resort to the most convenient option to fill our stomach, which is either ordering food in or consuming frozen meals. Apart from this a new lifestyle which is trending among the younger generation is the concept of “Skipping a Meal”, they deliberately skip a meal in order to reduce their weight, in order to be ‘acceptable’ in the society because our society believes that losing your weight is the only way that you will be able to find a perfect life partner. See this is where our “modern and open minded “society is wrong. Firstly, not every fat person you see is fat because they eat an excessive amount of food, in fact according to a research most people are fat because they are going through some health issues such as under active thyroid or Cushing’s syndrome. Secondly, people need to understand that one should not lose weight because their chances of getting hinged will go up, they should try to reduce their weight in order to avoid any more serious health problems in future. And last but not the least, your weight has nothing to do with your body’s agility, I have seen a lot of heavy weight people running in marathons and athletic meets, and not only do they participate but they also end up winning them. People need to realize that it’s high time they stop body shaming, each and every one of us is fighting a battle, we just don’t know the battles others are going through. Many teenagers around the world commit suicide because of body shaming, bullying and trolling. In today’s time majority of people refrain themselves from body shaming a person publicly because they know it’s wrong, but as soon as that person leaves, they start commenting on the person’s figure, making remarks on their body shape to get laughs out of an audience. The sad part is we all have been there; we all have body shamed someone at some point in our life, we all have made stupid jokes on someone's figure and we also have been a part of the audience who has laughed at such jokes. The thing is, we as a society has a tendency to normalize the wrong things, so instead of normalizing “Respect all body type” we ended up normalizing “Body shaming”, but I feel it’s time we start normalizing the right things. It’s time we start respecting each other’s body and we should start this by respecting our own body first.

This global pandemic has been a real eye opener because not only has it taught us the importance of sanitation and personal hygiene, it has also taught us to lead a healthy life style. The Universe has literally sent a clear message that says – HEALTH IS TRULY THE ONLY WEALTH.

Our body deserves the best of everything and its time we start eating right and good amount of food. It’s time to take a break from our fast-paced life to look after our body. During these hard times each and every one of us has turned towards a healthy regime.

In order to boost up our immunity to prevent ourselves from coronavirus we have started eating fruits and herbs such as gooseberry, Ashwagandha and Gilroy. We have started doing yoga regularly, we have started meditating in order to keep our mind healthy, we are drinking turmeric milk, eating a lot of fruits and we have been avoiding junk and frozen foods.

It took a global pandemic to make us realize that we need to take care of our mind and our health. This pandemic has really put things in perspective, it has truly made us realize what is important in life and what should be topping our priority list. Thanks to this pandemic we have finally started doing things, that we should have started doing a long time ago.

Now that we have finally started walking on the right path, let’s keep walking on it throughout our time on Earth. Now that we know every person is struggling, let's try to be a little compassionate towards others. Now that we know that one should lose weight and eat right to avoid serious health issues, let's start encouraging those people the right way there is. If you think that someone you love should lose weight, then don’t constantly nag them about it or pass hurtful remarks. This won’t help them lose weight, instead, they’ll end up losing their self-esteem, their confidence, their mental peace and in the end, their WILL to live.
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