Bird Mandala Art

Colored Bird Mandala Drawing

“Birds are the most accomplished aeronauts the world has ever seen. They fly high and low, at great speed, and very slowly. And always with extraordinary precision and control.”- Nature historian David Attenborough

Birds signify illumination and empowerment, they ushers luck, positivity and fortune in our life. They represent purity, elegance and opportunity. They symbolize freedom and transformation. Many ancient religious texts believe that birds represent a link between Heaven and Earth. Their presence magically transforms an entire landscape, and they maintain the delicate balance between plants and animals.

Every bird that exist in nature symbolizes different traits, for example: Owl teaches us to harness the strength so that we can see through the darkness, Blue Jay symbolizes intelligence and curiosity, Eagle symbolizes healing and energy, Swan symbolizes love and grace and Crow teaches us to recognize our own self worth.

These beautiful creatures encourages us to aim high and dream big, despite the challenges and problems we might face while chasing those dreams

Birds not only inspire our souls but they also inspire science - Darwin’s finches laid down the foundation stone of ‘Evolutionary Science’ and paved the way for the idea of ‘Natural Selection’. They also play a very important role in the field of ‘Agricultural Science’.

Colored Bird Mandala Design
Bird Mandala Art

This mandala art is dedicated to these alluring creatures around us which brings us hope, optimism, brilliance and knowledge. It represents liberation and rectitude.

Thing to make this Mandala Art:-

1. Black marker

2. A4 size white or colored sheet

3. Pencil

How to make this Mandala Art:-

STEP 1:- Start your mandala art by drawing an outline of a simple bird . I have drawn an easy version of Sparrow , you can also go for parrots or doves.

STEP 2:- Once you are done with the bird’s outline , inside the bird’s body start drawing patterns such as humps and designer lines . Fill the entire body with these types of designs.

STEP 3:- After completing the body move on to the tail of the bird , start making zig-zag lines at the end portion of the tail and then start filling the spaces formed by these lines with various mandala designs . Now move to the empty region of the tail , start filling that portion with other eccentric mandala designs and patterns.

STEP 4:- Now move to the bird’s wings , try filling every feather with different and distinctive patterns . Once you are done completing your mandala take a black marker and use it to darken the outlines of every pattern.

Color the Bird Mandala Art, which ever color you may like.
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