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“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.’’- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

Love is a feeling that cannot be described, it does not have a proper definition. It is something that enters our lives the moment we are born, there is a formation of instant connection between two people, in that one moment you realize that this is one person you do not want to live without.

Our family is always our first love, then comes our beautiful friends, and in the end comes our life partner.

All of these people make us experience different versions of love, our family’s version of love teaches us: to be selfless and loyal, our friend’s version of love teaches us: to give space to someone and allow them to be their true selves, it teaches us the importance of trust, and how you should always stand by people you care about, and last but not the least, our partner’s version of love teaches us: that people are capable of change and a person’s past does not matter. 

Love can make you feel whole, it can either make you or break you, it’s part of our heart and soul, love is blind and universal, it does not discriminate and it has a language of its own.

We cannot see it or touch it but it is everywhere around us, it is God’s most amazing and powerful creation.

Beautiful love mandala drawing with pink color
Love Mandala Drawing

This Mandala Art is a gentle reminder of love and the lessons that love teaches us throughout the course of our life.

Things required for this Mandala:- 

1. Black marker

2. A4 size sheet

3. Scale

4. Pencil

5. Compass

6. Water colors

How to make this Mandala Art:-

1. First draw a 3*6 inch rectangle in the center of your sheet, inside it write the word LOVE in whichever font and format you like. Now darken the outline of the rectangle and that of the word LOVE.

2. Now move to the long side of the rectangle, and from it’s mid-point start drawing a semicircle with the help of a compass. Follow the same procedure for the other long side as well. Now on one corner of the rectangle draw a circular sector and follow the same procedure on the diagonally opposite corner as well.

3. Once you are done drawing the semicircles and the circular sectors start filling them with mandala designs, try using compact and tiny designs. For example, I have drawn a unique design consisting of a flower, line, small circular shaped humps, long and tomb shaped petals. After completing the circular sectors and semicircles, with the help of a black marker start darkening them.

4. Now in the spaces left between these circles doodles start drawing different types of flowers, stems, and leaves. Once you are done drawing these with pencil, start darkening them with a black marker.

5. In the end take a watercolor of your choice and very carefully use it to fill the insides of the word LOVE. You can also paint inside the rectangle if you want.

Try it yourself!

Beautiful romantic love mandala painting sketch
Love Mandala Art

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