Dangler Earring Mandala Art

Earrings Mandala Art

I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit - Michael Kors.

Jewellery are decorative items worn for personal adornment. It is often used to create a perception of wealth. They are worn to enhance the beauty of your outfit. Jewellery always have a way of adding style to your body and your clothing. They are often considered as woman’s best friends. During the ancient times girls and women have worn jewellery to make their outfit prettier, but now many women also feel that wearing jewellery gives them confidence. Now a days not only women but even men wear jewellery. Putting on jewellery isn’t just a style statement anymore, it’s a very subtle way of expressing yourself to the world. The type of jewellery you wear is also a reflection of your personality, for example - a person who wears extravagant rings or big hoops earrings is likely to be a social and bubbly person, a person who wears jewellery made of recycled material is often regarded as nature lovers, and then there are people who prefer elegant and simple jewellery which shows their calm and poise nature.

Jewellery is a very vast category: Crowns, tiaras, bolo tie, necklace, bracelet, armlet, earring and many more things fall under this category. 

An earring is often said to be one of the most important accessories worn in today’s time. Almost everyone around us have earrings attached to their ear via the process of piercing in the earlobe. Earrings are usually worn by both sexes; some men wear them just for style while other wear them to express themselves. 

Dangler Earring Mandala drawing
Dangler Earrings Mandala Art

Earrings are available to us in various designs such as -dangles, tassels, hoops and barbels. This mandala art is just a gentle reminder of, how a small single piece of jewellery can make you feel beautiful and confident. 

Things required to make this Mandala Art: -

1. Black pen

2. A4 size paper (or any colored paper will do)

3. Pencil

How to make this Mandala Art: -

Step 1: - Draw the earrings

First with the help of a pencil start drawing the outline of the earring design you chose. Then darken these outlines with the help of a marker. Add some designs on the hooks of the earrings. 

Earring mandala design
Earring Mandala 1

Step 2: - Designing the earrings

After drawing the outline of the earrings, start dividing the inside of these earrings with slightly curved lines. You can also add designer lines to this inside space. Once you are done with lines, start filling the spaces between them with beautiful flower pattern. Once you are done drawing with the pencil, darken them with a marker.

Mandala art for earring
Earring Mandala 2

Step 3: - Complete your Mandala

Once you are done with flower pattern, start filling the other left spaces with different mandala designs. You can either use the designs that I have drawn or you can create your own designs. After drawing the designs, start darkening them with a marker.

Mandala painting
Earring Mandala 3

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