Heart Shaped Leaf Mandala Design

Green Leaf Mandala Art

Leaf Heart Shape Mandala drawing, sketch art for beginners
Leaf Heart Shape Mandala Design

“Mindfulness arises when you allow your attention to fall effortlessly on the breathing point like an autumn leaf falling on a lake of still water”- Amit Ray

Leaf is a symbol of life, growth and energy. Most plants get their food and energy through leaves via the process of photosynthesis, we also realize that a plant is growing when the tiny bud turns into a leaf. This is why leaves are considered to be the best example of growth. Green leaves represent renewal, fertility, hope and optimism. When you take an early morning walk around these fresh and beautiful leaves, you automatically feel good.

Leaves not only represent life but they also represent death. When the leaves fall each autumn, they represent death and sadness. They signify that all good things must come to an end. They also convey the message that “Every ending is always a new beginning “, once you start seeing this ending as an opportunity rather than as a punishment it would change the way you experience life.

Apart from symbolizing “The Circle of Life”, leaf also teaches us that you should never ignore the smallest member of a community. Sometimes that smallest member can turn out to be the most crucial and important element of a community or the society. 

Things required for this Mandala Design:-

1. Black pen

2. A4 size sheet paper(or any paper which you like)

3. Green paint

How to make this Mandala Art: -

Step 1:- Draw an outline

First take a pencil and start drawing few leaves. Then use a black marker to darken the outline. I have drawn a simple heart shaped leaf; you can choose any other leaf design as well.

Leaf Shape Mandala Painting Step 1
Leaf Shape Mandala Art Step 1

Step 2: - Stem (1)

Once you are done drawing the leaves and their stems, start filling one of the stems with swirl designs. Draw them across the whole stem. With the help of a marker then darken these swirls.

Leaf Shape Mandala drawing
Leaf Heart shaped mandala design step 2

Step 3:- Stem(2)

Now start filling the other stem with same or a different design. I have used a combination of long petals with lines as a pattern of choice for this stem.

Leaf Shape Mandala Sketch
Leaf shape mandala painting step 3

Step 4:- Leaf design

Now start filling one of the leaves with small petals , swirls,small tombs or any other design of your choice. Once done drawing them with a pencil, darken them with a marker. Make sure that the outline is sharp and neat.

Leaf Shape Mandala color
Leaf Heart Shaped Mandala Design Step 

Step 5:- Complete the leaf

Once you are done with filling the entire leaf with petal designs , swirls designs , heart shaped designs or any other design of your choice you can do the same to the other leaf as well . You can either fill the other leaf with various designs or fill it with a shade of green color or you can just keep it simple and basic.

Leaf Shape Mandala painting
Leaf shape mandala design step 5

Try it out  yourself !!

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