LIFE: Tough row to hoe

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Life: Though row to hoe

Life is full of trying times, at the end it all comes down to what you make of it. It all depends on your perception; some see glass half full and some see glass half empty. 

On a daily basis we come across at least hundreds of articles and thousands of videos telling us how to stay positive and happy, but here’s the bitter truth: no matter what you do you cannot be positive 24 hours a day, that is not how human beings are designed. 

I once read in a book,” The desire for a more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience”, and I don’t think I have ever read anything truer than this. We as human beings are always jealous of each other's success, and then we start craving for it as well and during this process we start taking things we already have for granted.

We are constantly jealous, and then we start comparing our life with others and eventually we fall in this vicious circle of constant jealousy and negativity. 

But if you accept your situation, if you come to terms with your status, then life becomes a little more bearable. Suddenly you feel a wave of peace, pleasure and satisfaction.

Now here’s another point that you should always keep in mind - Constant positivity is also a form of negativity, when a person is constantly positive then he/she is most probably in denial of a problem or he/she thinks that the best way to deal with a negative situation is to avoid it all together, instead of acknowledging it. 

What we all need to understand is that sometimes life sucks and the best thing you can do is accept it. Sometimes accepting a situation helps you gain a new perspective and maturity which helps you to analyze a situation better and plan accordingly.

As a human being we all go through many depressing and heart wrenching moments in our life, and in those times it is hard to be positive and optimistic, in these times you are literally hanging onto a single thread, a thread named - HOPE, in these moments hope is the only thing that keeps you sane, we hope that time heals all of our wounds, we hope for a better tomorrow and we hope that we don’t succumb to despair. 

Present day coronavirus is the perfect example of this. Every day we wake up to a huge number of death counts and every day we hope that someone comes out with a vaccine.

Every day we are hoping that no one in our family becomes a victim of this virus, taking extreme measures to be safe and healthy, but still there are people around us who unfortunately got infected by this virus

This shows that you can do everything right but still things can go wrong. Life is full of unexpected moments and situations, and there is no secret guide that will teach you how to maintain a positive personality, there are however few tips that you can use to have a peaceful life, For example:- don’t let vague fears stop you from doing something you really want, surround yourself with people who genuinely want to see you succeed, try to eat right and go slow, take your time with things and in case you think situation is getting out of hands then go talk to someone. 

Once you start living a peaceful life, you’ll automatically develop a positive outlook or a positive approach towards life and the problems that comes along with it.
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