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We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”- Ronald Reagan 
Helping hand in covid-19 pandemic stitation
Lend a Helping Hand

Coronavirus pandemic has completely changed our lives, for better or for worse. For some this pandemic has been a blessing as these people are now getting to spend some quality time with their families and partners, while for the majority of people this pandemic has been a real struggle. People living under poverty are the ones who have suffered the most due to this pandemic. 

These people are not only suffering from a global health crisis but they are struggling with financial crisis as well. Many have lost their jobs but still have seven mouths to feed, since their source of monthly income is cut off they are unable to pay rent and hence are now living in shelter homes or on roads and streets, the kids in the family are forced to skip meals since their parents do not have enough ration or the money to buy more ration, many people belonging to this section have a house in their respective villages but they can’t afford the transportation fees.

The farmers of the country aren’t having an easy year either as they have suffered huge losses, since most of their crops got destroyed due to hail storms and rain storms because of which they had to start from the beginning, which means they had to sow the seeds again, they had to make manure from the scratch again, and they had to buy pesticide and other necessary chemicals which are very expensive.

And then there's this whole section of society who thinks they are having a tough time because they are “STUCK” in their air-conditioned homes with ample amounts of food and with many different means of entertainment. We are all going through the same crisis but only one section is actually struggling, where one part of the society is dying to get out of their homes the other part is dying to go back into their homes.

The government and many other esteemed personalities have tried their best to look after these people but unfortunately that has not been enough, there are still a large number of people who are struggling. While the government has tried it’s best to help these people, now it’s our turn as the citizen to take care of those in needs. 

Now it’s up to us to help these people, we need to do whatever we can to take care of these people, at least the ones who work for us. We have to lend a helping hand to our maids, the sanitation workers, the construction workers, security guards and many other people who work day and night for us. We the upper class and middle-class people have to be there for these people in times like these, after all this pandemic has been a real battle for all of us. Ultimately the greatest lesson that COVID-19 has taught humanity is that we are all in this together.
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