Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) 2020

Rakhi at Home in Lockdown

"A sibling may be the keeper of one's identity, the only person with the keys to one's unfettered, more fundamental self."– Marian Sandmaier
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Raksha Bandhan’ aka ‘Rakhi’ is the festival celebrated by Hindus in Northern India. It is a day devoted to the unbreakable bond between a brother and sister, and the most amazing thing about this festival is that you don’t have to be related by blood to celebrate it.

On this day, the duo put tilaks on each other’s forehead, feed each other sweets, then the sister ties the ‘Rakhi” on the brother’s wrist, and the duo vows to protect each other and be there for each other in times of distress, and at last they exchange gifts.

Initially ‘Rakhi’ was only tied on to the wrist of a brother, but now sister ties ‘Rakhi’ on to the wrist of their sisters too. It is also celebrated among cousins, and sister-in-law, fraternal aunt and nephew and other such relations. It is one of the most highly regarded, virtuous and righteous Hindu festival.

This post is dedicate to my annoying little brother, who has been with me through thick and thin. The only person whom I love the most in this entire Universe.

On this auspicious day give your sibling a ‘Rakhi’ made by love and affection. Here are few Do It Yourself Rakhi’s for you:

1. Pikachu Rakhi:- 

* Step 1- Take 3 strands (30 cm each) of Pooja Moli (red thread), take a small piece of a thread and tie the ends of these three strands together, and then braid these strands. After braiding them together, tie the loose ends of the strands with the help of a thread.

Rakhi color Thread
Rakhi Thread

* Step 2- Now on a sheet start drawing Pikachu, color it once you are done drawing outline your Pikachu.

Beautiful Pikachu sketch
Pikachu Outline

* Step 3- Now paste your braided strand at the back side of your Pikachu, try to paste it in the middle so that the Pikachu has a perfect balance.

* Step 4- Now take a small portion of a cardboard, cut a small rectangle from this portion, while keeping in mind the height and width of your Pikachu. 

Rakhi Image
Color Pikaa Pikaa

* Step 5- Now paste this rectangle above the braided strand so that it remains intact at a place.

Pikachu Rakhi with beautiful images
Final Image of Pikachu Rakhi

2. Flower Wool Rakhi:-

* Step 1- Take 12 strands (30 cm each) of wool, tie the ends of all these strands with a small portion of wool, and then braid these strands together. After braiding them together, tie the loose ends of the strands with another small piece of wool.

Wool thread Rakshabandhan

* Step 2- Now start rolling this braided strand from one end to the other, you’ll see a flower forming. To fix this shape take a needle with a thread inside it and run it through the flower shaped braided strand. 

Circular Rakhi
Circular Rakhi

* Step 3- Now take a bead and with the help of the needle and thread sew it in the center of the flower shaped strand.

* Step 4- Now to make bands of your Rakhi, take two strand of wool (30 cm each) and then with the help of a ball point needle run these strands through the middle of your flower shaped braid to fix them up. After fixing the bands, tie the ends of these wool strands. 

Wool colorful beautiful Rakhi
Final Wool Rakhi

3. Mauli Rakhi:- 

* Step 1- Take 2-3 long strands of Mauli / kalava, and then cut one of this long thread into 9-10 fragments of 5 cm each.

* Step 2- Now take a fragment, apply a little glue to its one end and then while forming a loop attach the other end to the sticky end. Follow the same procedure for other fragments as well. 

Rakhi steps making
Rakhi Steps

* Step 3- Now take a rectangular piece of sheet and fold this sheet twice to turn it into a square. On one side of this folded square sheet, draw a circle with the help of a compass or any other circular structure, now cut this circle around it’s outline, and in the end, you’ll get 3- 4 circles.

Circle steps of rakshabandhan

* Step 4- Take one of these circles and on one side apply glue, now one by one take your small looped fragments and paste them along the boundary of the circle. After sticking these loops on the circle keep it aside for a while.

Rakhi cutting

* Step 5- Now take another circle and apply glue in its center, place one end of a long strand of thread on it, and then start rolling and sticking the thread in consecutive circles, but don’t cover the whole circular sheet with it. On the boundary of this circular sheet add a layer of beads encompassing everything.

* Step 6- Now on the other side of this circle apply glue, and then place it on the top of the first circle.

· Step 7- At last take your third circle, paste it under this Rakhi, and then take a long thread and paste this rakhi at the exact center of this thread. 

Last image of home made rakhi
Home made rakhi

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