Cat Mandala Art

Cat Mandala Drawing with Butterfly

“As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time well knows, cats have enormous patience with the limitations of the humankind.” - Cleveland Amory

The cat carries meaning revolving around balances between opposite sides, for example: inner and outer, and light and dark. They symbolize patience, independence, spirit of adventure and curiosity. There are several different types of cats, symbolizing different things, for example, Alley cat symbolizes self-sufficiency, Persian cat represent self-care, Sphynx cat represent youthfulness and a kitten is a reminder to smile more often.

It is believed that cats are drawn to spiritual people, as cats have an energy that connects them with higher realms. There are theories suggesting that cats can sense a spirit, and it can communicate with one too. They have high intuition and energy power; a cat’s hug shows the amount of trust it has on the person.

Cats are often associated with negative energy, they are stereotyped as detached and unfriendly, but the truth is that cats can be just as protective of their people as dogs are of theirs. They are smart, intelligent, adventurous, caring and loving.

Cat Mandala art with beautiful butterfly
Can Mandala Drawing

This mandala art is a representation of this playful and joyful creature reminding us to find beauty in nature, and how we should find happiness in simple things.

Things required for this mandala art:- 

1. Black marker

2. A4 size sheet

3. Pencil

4. Eraser

5. Compass

Steps to make this mandala art:-

1. First draw an outline of a cat cherishing the beauty of a butterfly. Now very carefully use a black marker and darken the outline of the cat and the butterfly.

2. Now move to the tail of the cat, start dividing the tail portion with the help of designer lines, and in the spaces created between these lines start drawing different types of mandala patterns.

Here’s a list of designs that I have used:-

(a) Tomb shaped petals

(b) Swirl lines with small petals

(c) Zig- zag lines, and

(d) Circles and long petals

3. Once you are done drawing mandala designs in the tail region, move to the body region of the cat and start drawing mandala patterns inside it. I have used triangles, lines and three-layer petal design (small petals, plain petals, and line petals) throughout the body to show uniformity.

4. After completely filling your cat with various mandala designs, start filling the butterfly with mandala designs too.

5. In the end darken these designs with the help of a black marker.

Mandala sketch of cat
Kittie Mandala Design

Try it yourself!

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