Elephant Mandala Art

Beautiful Elephant Mandala Drawing

The Elephant is the symbol of power, integrity, peace, harmony and intelligence. They are considered as an emblem of good luck, fertility, wisdom and protection.

In Hinduism, elephants are considered a sacred animal as they are seen as a living incarnation of Lord Ganesha, who is regarded as the “Remover of Obstacles”. In Buddhism, the elephant represents mental strength.

At the beginning of one’s path towards spiritual awakening and enlightenment, the uncontrolled mind is represented by gray elephant and the controlled mind is represented by white elephant. White elephants are believed to be a symbol of calm and composed mind.

Elephants are seen as the “GOD OF JUNGLES”, they are an integral part of forest and savanna ecosystem. They are important ecosystem architects, as they make pathways in dense forested habitat that allow passage for other animals.

This beautiful and majestic creature doesn’t shy away from helping those in needs, reminding us to be kind-hearted.

Beautiful elephant mandala art with green paint colors
Elephant Mandala Drawing

This elephant mandala art is a way to enhance the spiritual joy derived from a meditation practice and yoga.

Things required for this mandala art :-

1. A3 or A4 size sheet

2. Black marker or pen

3. Water colors

4. Pencil 

How to make this mandala art:-

* First With the help of a pencil draw the outline of an elephant, and instead of drawing the typical elephant eyes, use a mandala design in place of the eyes. As you can see, I have used half-flower mandala design in place of the eyes.

Elephant mandala drawing step 1
Elephant Mandala Step 1

* Now start designing the head, from the intersection point of the head start drawing a Lotus along the head’s boundary line. Once you are done drawing the lotus, on the left-over space above the lotus draw a crisscross pattern.

for children's mandala drawing
Elephant Drawing Step 2

* The face and the trunk: After finishing the head part of your elephant mandala move on to the face and trunk region. Inside the face, I have used a blend of designers’ lines and baby flower designs. And in the trunk region, I have used miniature versions of mandala designs such as triangles and petals.

Mandala Elephant Art
Mandala Step 3

* The body and legs: I have used same designs for these two regions. On the inner side of two legs, I have drawn semicircle petals and circular lines. And on the outer side of the other two legs and the body, I have drawn tiny semi circles and petal designs.

Mandala Art
Step 4

* Color the ears: fill the ears with the color of your choice, I have used green water color as you can see.

Try it yourself now!
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