Rabbit Mandala Art

Bunny Mandala Drawing

Rabbits are more than companion animals to many of us. They are widely associated with fear due to their timid nature but they are also linked with creativity and fertility. The rabbit totem may be a symbol of luck in many cultures, and is additionally a logo of abundance.

Rabbits often symbolizes fear, anxiety, wealth, spontaneity, creativity, fertility, cleverness and shyness.

Rabbits are always aware of their surroundings and their predators, they rely on their observational skills to avoid any kind of danger, and in order to protect themselves they tend to move quickly and in unpredictable ways.

Attractive bunny Rabbit mandala drawing
Rabbit Mandala Drawing

This mandala is a portrayal of this beautiful, small, smart, active and creative animal, which also signify rebirth and resurrection.

Things required for this mandala art:- 

1. Pencil

2. A4 size sheet

3. Black marker

4. Orange and green water colors

Steps to make this mandala art:-

* Step 1:- With the help of a pencil draw an outline of a rabbit, and on its side draw a small carrot. After drawing the rabbit’s outline with the help of a black marker darken it. (Do not use the black marker on the carrot.)

Bunny Mandala Art
Rabbit Step-1

* Step 2:- Draw a curved line between the two opposite ends of the neck, and now at least 1 cm apart from the first line draw another curved line.

Use this second line as a base and draw big tomb shape structures on it, fill few of these tomb shaped structures with slant lines - swirl heart designs, and the remaining few with designer lines and petals.

Now on the first curved line draw a layer of humps. Alternate these tomb structures with concentric tomb shaped petals. Darken all of these designs with the help of a black marker.

Rabbit sketch
Rabbit Step-2

* Step 3:- Once you are done with the neck move to the body region, in this region draw two upside down wavy lines 1 cm apart. Draw a continuous curved line covering these two wavy lines, and in the space between this curved line and second wavy line draw short vertical lines.

Now draw another line at least 3 cm apart from this curved line, and fill the gap between these two lines with a layer of triangles, and diagonal lines.

Just like that continue to draw three to four more layers in an increasing order of the distance between them, fill the spaces between each layer with designs such as petals, humps, small semicircles, and triangles. Fill the tail region with crisscross pattern, once done darken these designs with a marker.

Easy mandala art drawing
Rabbit Step-3

* Step 4:- Now move to the ears, first draw a parallel line to the boundary of these ears, in the center of each ear draw an upside down two layered heart which has a layer of round shaped petals on its boundary. Inside these heart draw five to six straight lines, darken these designs with a marker.

mandala art
Rabbit Step-4

* Step 5:- Use the green and orange color to paint the carrot, once the paint is dried you can also add mandala designs to it. Darken this with the help of a marker.
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