Dhoni Finishes off in style

Farewell Captain Cool

Dear Dhoni,

Words can’t describe the amount of pain your retirement has brought on to every cricket lover today. You were the whole reason why I started watching Cricket in the first place, while the crowd gathered near the TV to watch legends such as Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid, I patiently waited for you to walk up to the crease.

You became my reason to obsessed over cricket, and now that you have retired you will also be my reason to lose interest from it.

Dhoni farewell blog
MS Dhoni

As a person who stresses over things way too much, it was your cool and calm temper in adverse situations that drew me towards you, your swift wicket keeping taught me how important it was to be alert of your environment, your fast running in between the wickets taught me the importance of athletics, your aim taught me the importance of focus, your gracious nature after a win taught me the true meaning of humbleness, you appreciating and backing up your teammates was an ideal example of a true leader, and your desire to fight till the very end taught me to NEVER GIVE UP without giving your best, with all of these qualities of yours, you changed the meaning of the word ‘IMPOSSIBLE’.

Your name became the synonym of HOPE, every Indian knew that if there was anyone who could save us in a dreadful match, it was YOU. ‘Dhoni Sambhalega’ and ‘Ruko Dhoni ko aane do’ are the phrases every Indian cricket team lover has said at least once, it felt like the concept of ‘all you need is just one over to change the game’ was coined just for you.

Your personality redefined the game of cricket for me, and it inspired me in ways I can’t even put in words. You were more than just a cricketer; you were somebody we aspire to be, your simplicity and calmness made us fall in love with you again and again.

Even when the world turned against you and criticized you for your ways you patiently listened, never said a word in return, even when there were others conspiring against you, you never uttered anything, you just practiced and focused on your form.

For someone who has seen so many hardships in his life, your positive outlook towards life was something that everyone admired. You weren’t someone who expressed himself much, but when you did millions of people reacted the same way, a smile on your face automatically brought one on ours, and tears in your eyes, filled our eyes with tears.

You were always someone who was known for doing unexpected things and your sudden retirement was an example of it, but in a way it wasn’t, you did what you did every time you won a match, you came, received the trophy, and very silently walked away from the limelight.

From being a ticket collector in a small town to becoming India’s most loved cricketer, wicket keeper and captain, your journey gave millions of people like us a lesson that - Life is full of surprises, never stop working hard, you never know what life has in store for you.

MAHI you weren’t just a name, you were our inspiration and our hope and we will forever remember you like that. Your retiring marks the end of an incredible era, and we are all forever indebted to you for giving us important life lessons and for bringing so many victories for team India.

Till date you are the best captain team India has ever seen, and one of the most legendary cricketers in the history of cricket.

Thank you so much for all the lovely victories, for all the out of the ground sixes, and for every time you changed the pace and fate of a game. It’s a shame that we all won’t be able to chant your name anymore, we won’t be able to see you hitting a six or a four, we won’t be able to see you running between the wickets, we won’t hear your wittiest replies at the press conferences, and we won’t be able to see your beautiful smile, even thinking about cricket without you brings tears to eyes, it will never be the same again. It’s a real tragedy that the generation to come won’t be able to witness your magic on the field.


From ONE out of your MILLIONS fans
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