Love Comes in Different Forms

A Call to Remember

1:00 am
“Hello?” he said in sleepy tone as soon as he picked up his ringing phone.

“I can't do it! It is impossible. Everyone is going to make fun of us. Everyone is going to judge. No one will ever accept us as a couple.” she said from the other side of the phone.

He yawned.

“I am sorry what are we talking about?” he asked.
“The Proposal!” she shouted.
“Okay, relax. What about it ?” he asked .
“I can't do it” she said with great difficulty.
“Why? Because people will judge?” he said.
“Yes” she replied in low tone and heavy heart.
“Okay… now i want you to listen to me very carefully and do as i say without asking any questions. Got it?" he said.
“Why? What are you going to do?” she asked.
“Just play along okay and remember no questions asked “he said.
“Okay” she said.
“Great! Now imagine yourself in a clothing store. You are there to buy yourself a dress.  Now tell me what kind of dress do you want? Like what qualities are you looking for in your dress” he said.
“My dress should be comfortable, stylish yet sober and it should have a bright color” she replied.

“Nice …so now let us assume that today is your lucky day and you have found the dress you have been looking for. You try it on and it fits you perfectly. You then go and check yourself in the mirror kept outside your trial room. You look at yourself in the mirror and you start feeling good about yourself. The dress you are wearing is making you feel happy and warm. But then suddenly a stranger walk up to you and tell you that the dress looks odd on you” he said.

“What?! why? “she asked
“Not the point” he replied.
“The stranger comes up to you and tell you that this dress in not your type. You should not buy it. Now tell me are you going to listen to that person and not buy that dress or are you going to listen to your heart and buy that dress? “he added.

“Of course, I will buy the dress. It is my choice. If it has everything that i have been looking for in a dress then I will buy it. Who cares about what people think? I want it and i will have it " she said with hint of anger with a tone.

“Exactly my point! If you love someone or something then go for it. If that someone has everything that you want in your partner then be with that someone. Who cares about what people think? People will always talk and judge so don't sacrifice your happiness for some random strangers.” He said and she was stunned by his analogy.

“So, you are saying that I should go ahead with the proposal?” she asked

“Yes! go ask HER out” he said and they both smiled. Who knew that out of all the people in her life only her father would accept her as a part of LGBTQ community?

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Love comes in different forms
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