Flower Mandala Art

Flowers Circled Mandala Design

Flower Mandala Drawing
Flower Mandala Black and White art

This Mandala Art is inspired by the beauty of flowers. In this design many flowers are combined together to make a beautiful Mandala Art, it shows pure joy and happiness. This Mandala can be used for making rangoli designs or making cover pages of notebooks and school projects.

Flower Mandalas differ depending on what flower you take inspiration from. We draw Flower Mandalas with perfect symmetry, despite the fact that flowers in nature are imperfect; this symbolizes sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is the method in which one can represent spiritual meaning using geometrical shapes.

Doesn’t looking at Flower Mandalas calm you? That is because Flower Mandalas are used for meditation purposes to concentrate on, as well as to enhance spirituality and personal development. Looking at different Flower Mandalas during meditation can lead to an amplitude of consciousness, spirituality, self-love, or even a deeper understanding of options in one’s life.

Things needed to make this Mandala Art:-

1. Black pen or marker
2. Compass
3. A4 size white paper (or any paper)

How to make this Mandala Art:-

First make two concentric circles one of 4 cm radius and other of 8 cm radius. Then make a circle around the 4 cm radius circle at a distance of 0.1 cm and one more circle around the 8 cm radius circle at a distance of 0.1 cm as well.

Now start from the center, first make very small circles and use a marker to darken them. Now make long petals and inside these long petals make smaller petals. Then draw small layer of humps on the surface of long petals, after this draw few V shaped lines between two long petals.

Now make tomb shaped petals in between the gap of the 4 cm radius circle and 8 cm radius circle, now inside the tomb shaped petals make few more flower petals. To fill up the spaces left inside the tomb shaped petal you can add lines as a design to it. Now make a design of your choice between the spaces of the tomb shaped petals. Now draw humps on the inside portion of circle and on the outside cover it with tomb shaped structure.

You can also combine any flower design of your choice.

Try it out yourself!

Flower Mandala Drawing, Sketch, Art
Flower Mandala Art

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