Buddha Mandala Art

Buddha Lotus Mandala Art

"The continual stream of new discovery, revelation and inspiration which arises at every moment is the manifestation of our clarity. We should learn to see everyday life as mandala - the luminous fringes of experience which radiate spontaneously from the empty nature of our being. The aspects of our mandala are the day-to-day objects of our life experience moving in the dance or play of the universe. By this symbolism the inner teacher reveals the profound and ultimate significance of being. Therefore we should be natural and spontaneous, accepting and learning from everything. This enables us to see the ironic and amusing side of events that usually irritate us."- Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

One of the richest and ancient visual objects in Tibetan Buddhism is the mandala. The mandala represents an imaginary palace that is scrutinize during meditation. Each object in the mandala has significance, representing an aspect of perception and reminding the mediator of a guiding essence. The mandala's purpose is to help transform ordinary minds and souls into enlightened ones and to assist them with healing. Buddha mandala art is an excellent way to heal our souls and relax our minds. Mandala art originated from Buddhism and its literal meaning is “circles”. Buddhism enlightened the world with meditation and mandala art is just another way of meditating.

Buddha Mandala therapy
Buddha Mandala Art

Every art doesn’t necessarily require flashy things, some may even look good with the most basic designs, and Buddha mandala art is a perfect representation of this. Simple yet classical is what this art represents. This art shows that you don’t always need expensive things to find peace in your life, a simple life with basic necessities can give you all the peace in the world.

Buddha Mandala Art is an excellent way to heal our souls and relax our minds.

Things needed for this Mandala Art:-

1. Black marker or pen

2. Compass

3. Pencil

4. A4 size white paper(any paper would do if you don’t have      A4 size paper)

How to make this Mandala Art:-

Draw some concentric circles (as many you wish to and according to as much big you want your mandala to be). Now take pencil and in the middle of all these circles draw Buddha and just below it draws a lotus (as shown). Now darken this Buddha and lotus flower with black pen or marker. Now inside all the other circles fill the design of your choice. I have chosen simplest and very basic designs around this Buddha so that Buddha becomes the highlight of this art.

Buddha Mandala Art Steps
Buddha Mandala

Buddha Mandala Drawing Steps 2
Buddha Mandala Art

Try it yourself now!

 Buddha design mandala drwaing
Buddha Art on Lotus

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