DIY Surprise Birthday Card

DIY Ice Cream Stick Birthday Card Ideas

Stucked in lockdown and dear one’s birthday is round the corner? Here is on cool DIY idea for making unique birthday card quickly and easily.

Birthdays are always special but during the time of lockdown when we can’t go out to buy presents or cards, the best is to make presents ourselves for our loved ones.

Ice Cream stick birthday card ideas
Ice Cream Stick Birthday Card

Making something with love and affection is the best gift one can give to anyone. A small effort of yours can bring a smile in the face of your loved ones.

Not everyone is creative people think but here is some easy DIY that you can try and you will surely start believing that you are creative.

Things required for this DIY birthday card:- 

1. Ice creams sticks

2. Poster colors or acrylic paint

3. Foam sheets

4. Fevicol

5. Scissor

6. Some colored sheets of your choice

7. Embroidery thread

How to make this DIY Ice cream stick secret message card: -

* First take 5-6 ice cream sticks and paint them of your choice. I tried to make VIBGYOR using my ice cream sticks. You can even use the colored ice cream sticks available in the market. 

If you don’t have any of these you can use wooden stick, tree sticks and paint them with any color of your choice. If you don’t get even those take any used paper or paper from book roll them and paint them.

Paint sticks
Paint Sticks

* Now let them dry and after that stick all the sticks together with the help of fevicol. Let it dry for few minutes.

Paste all the sticks
Paste the colored sticks

* Now take a colored sheet and cut 3-4 small rectangles. Now from one corner paste the thread making an arc and then paste triangles above it. 

* Now take foam sheet and cut balloons and “Happy Birthday” text. You can even use the ready-made letters and balloon stickers available in the market. 

paste some papers
Ice Cream Sticks

* Now paste them on your ice cream stick. And for balloon string I have used black embroidery thread. You can use black marker as well.

* Now in the back side make a small pocket to write down your birthday message. For that cut a small rectangle and glue three side of it and paste it. Leave it to dry for few minutes. Now you can write messages for birthday.

* Your DIY ice cream stick secret message card is ready. You can add stickers or any beads or stones of your choice too.

Back side birthday card
Back Side Trick

Try it yourself now!!
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